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The best location to tame a boar in the game

Fortnite Season 6 has brought a number of new features to the game, such as the ability to make weapon upgrades and interact with animals.

With the second week of the season, new challenges began to emerge that will help players earn XP and unlock the level of combat passing. This week, players are faced with the task of taming boars.

A popular YouTuber-targeted Fortnite, Tabor Hill has re-released a helpful video to help players complete this task.

Challenges of Fortnite Season 6, Week 2: How and Where to Tame Boars

At the beginning of each battle kingdom, three boars will burn in a pig south of Colossal Crops (Picture over Tabor Hill)
At the beginning of each battle kingdom, three boars will burn in a pig south of the Colossal Crops (Picture over Tabor Hill)

When trying this challenge, Fortnite Season 6 players must first know where to fall. Camp Hill advises players to drop a pig feather south of the Colossal Crops.

While boars and animals spawn on the map, three boars certainly spawn in that pen at the beginning of each battle. This spawning location is known to most players at the moment, so Tabor Hill recommends trying this challenge in team mode, as self-increasing problems can increase.

Once players find a boar, they must obtain the meat of any animal, be it a boar, a chicken or a wolf. To harvest this meat, players will need to successfully hunt one of these animals.

This will also cause the animal to drop the necessary material to make it, which is also new in Fortnite Season 6, Animal Bones.

Once the players get one piece of meat and two animal bones, they will be able to make Hunter’s Cloak.

To tame boars in Fortnite Season 6, Hunter
To tame the boars in Season 6 of Fortnite, the Hunter’s Cloak method works every time (image via Tabor Hill)

While Tabor Hill mentions the use of meat to tame a boar, this method does not work in his video. If a boar player wants to tame a boar successfully, the Hunter’s Cloak method works every time.

For Fortnite Season 6 players, it’s important to remember that boars will move when loopers try to tame them, and will be able to break structures if players try to resist them. Hunter’s Cloak should always be worn when attempting to spray a boar.

Fortnite Season 6 includes many new features and challenges. Since weekly and daily challenges are an easy way for players to gain XP and move through the battle pass this season, loopholes can expect to experiment with more challenges based on craft and taming.

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