Research on genetics, which is responsible for our examination of the desire for tea or coffee


This is related to buds.

If you ever drink coffee and consecrated tea beverages, which asks who drinks better, you will never see more of the larger, more attractive criminals in it in your life.

Why? Because people are on team coffee or tea team. There is no room for weighing or opening. You like organic green tea or coffee drops drop filtered between 91 and 96 degrees Celsius.

Apparently, this is because when it comes to prefer coffee or tea, there is no free will. That's all genetics according to the study Scientific reports magazine.


Whether you are a heart or hate coffee, it's all up to your genes. Photo: iStock

Bring the Brussels sprouts

Scientists analyzed data from 400,000 participants to see how the human brain perceives bitter tastes. They believed that coffee tea's preference had something to do with this particular taste.

Brutal germs proved to be an excellent testing tool, as they contain a compound called propylthiouracil (prop), which can give the plant a bitter taste. People who discovered Brussels sprouts from grapefruit also used tea over coffee. The opposite is true for a group that found vegetables sweet.

The researchers also found that those people who had more bitterness in the Brussels sprouts (team tea) also consumed less alcohol.

However, people who liked the coffee were strong and bitter, they drank more than four cups a day (coffee, not a drink!).

The secret is solved!

Somehow. Researchers are inclined to let bitterness drinkers drink more coffee down to learn behavior.

"Given that people generally avoid bitter taste, these findings are interpreted as possible behaviors", said research co-author dr. Marilyn Cornelis Custodian. "If we can detect caffeine well, we associate this with the psycho-stimulating properties of caffeine and so find more coffee."

For tea, the conclusions were not so simple. "Our flavors play a role in how we drink coffee, tea or alcohol. The advantage of tea can be seen as a result of keeping the coffee because our genes may have made the bread too bitter to taste our handle."

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