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Nick Cotric did not hit the 'underwater hit': Ricky Stuart send very sticky stickers


Canberra coach Ricky Stuart claimed that Nick Cotric should not be fired due to a dangerous target at the Dragons center Tim Lafai and promised to defend any serious accusation against him.

Stuart was fired at a news conference after the match, believing that Cotric was denied in 59th minute because "there are currently a lot of noise in relation to a big offense."

Captain Raider Jarrod Croker said that the enemies were "shocked" when Judge Ashley Klein Cotric ordered him to do it, while the 20-year-old center broke the figure in the wardrobe.

"I do not think it was a mistake, it was an accident," said Stuart. "Whoever thinks it's a spear, he does not know the rugby league game.

That was unintentional [the tackle] I got it a bit, and I understand that. It's an accident.

"Child [Lafai] played. Nick has no malice in it. He ended up with him at the wrong end, insofar as he was fired. I thought it was very cruel. "

Cotric was the first player to be fired, as the Melbourne Center Curtis Scott was fired by Manly's Dylan Walker in the 11th match.

Stuart believes he has been the victim of the suppression of dangerous clashes and violations due to a number of unpleasant incidents, including the accusation of South Sydney George Burgess with a ban on nine matches.

Crushers struggle with the winter and shoot at the shooters, and they also face a tougher campaign after a series of incidents in the first half of the season.

Stuart mentioned the clash that Parramatta, Penny Terepo, caused, that Raiders winger Jordan Rapana suffered a broken nose. Terep0 got a ban on three matches.

He also wondered why Mikaele Ravalawa, who was the culprit for dragons, was not fired, or a sinner posted after a high-profile report that forced Croker into the HIA field.

"I feel for officials who need to respond to all this hype around him," said Stuart. "The reaction was probably an example of what was said, and what was heard of the ears of the eyes, blows in the head and late hits.

"None of these guys was fired, but one of my boys was fired. I thought it was very cruel.

"I believe that it was an accident and that there is a big difference between murder and an accident. Yesterday, we saw one where he had a half-shaked neck and nothing was done. They're more intentional than an accident.

"In our game, we will always have accidents with the collision and speed we play. This must be said and we will defend this. "

After working hours, Stuart went on to dress up to support Cotric, who first appeared for the country of origin for the NSW in the series before suffering an injury from the syndrome that left him until Sunday's match with the dragons.

"He's crushed, he's a young boy who does not have maliciousness in himself," said Stuart. My heart went to him because I know how he hurts. All I'm asking is what will happen, what will happen. The kid wants to play footy. We will nevertheless fight. "

Croker said he was amazed when Klein warned Cotric of the wardrobe.

"At the first stage, I did not think it was a cancellation," Croker said. "I only saw her live, but I thought it was possible to report and punish. I was certainly shocked. I did not mean to send it. "

Coach St George Illawarre Paul McGregor said that Lafai was not injured in the game.

"There was no intention in Nick's name, it just ended up in the wrong place. The team went what was good," McGregor said.

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