Married at first glance, Episode 29: Two pairs leave the experiment


It's the sixth Married at first glance lectures and eight remaining couples are preparing to decide whether the experiment will continue for another week.

Similarly, I decide if I will continue in the gym. This is bad and I hate, but this is never stopped by these guys.


Jules cries. Not because of any problems with Cam, but because the group impresses her.

He can not deal with volatile evening parties and seriously thinks about leaving an experiment with Cam to avoid everyone.

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Jessica is also crying, but this is because her relationship with waste is a fire. Mick can not be clearer about his desire to leave the experiment today and knows that he will be attacked during the ceremony if he tries to keep it.

Heidi and Mike

Apparently, things for Mike and Heidi were relatively good until the morning of the ceremony.

Heidi is very upset with Mike because he left towels everywhere and on the rating system, giving Mike 8/10 for reflection. It's fortunate that it did not give Mike 9/10, because, as we know, this means an immediate break in the relationship.

Mike is exhausted.

Experts tell Heidi to use small things like towels to hide the fact that he is afraid of progress with Mike. You will both stay.

Martha and Michael

After a pleasant meeting with Martha's family, Michael feels a feeling.

He acknowledges that he has fallen very hard for his wife – so much so that he can see that he will stay with Martha outside of the experiment. You will both stay.

Cyrell & Nic

Tonight we say goodbye to Cyrell and Nic, who decide to leave. They are sharing in good conditions.

(Somewhere, Ivan rubs his hands in joy.)

Cyrellin's outgoing speech is perfect: "I did not find love in this experiment, but I'll tell you one, I've never loved myself more than now."

Ning & Mark

Ning admits that she cares for Marka despite her intimacy. Expert Mel offers some tips on intimacy (when he interrupted sex last week when he interrupted sex with Ning's phone) and talked about getting on Trishine fingers!

You will both stay.

Tamara & Dan

Both of them remain, but Tamara admits that things did not progress as fast as they wanted, and the expert John points out that she may have pushed her to catch up with other couples.

Or, you know, maybe Dan was cheating on her.

Jules & Cam

Cam and Jules tell experts that, after testing family homes, they decided to move to Jules' house immediately after the end of the experiment. They face the toughest questions – on which side of the bridge they live.

So stay and cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.

If there were not two of them, the sign "leave" on the television every Sunday would flash.

Susie & Billy

Billy has his word on the troubled marriage with Susie and still denies that he was anything but pleasant.

Both are leaving and everyone omitted the sigh of relief – our long national nightmare is over. Billy can go back to coffee without Splende and Susie can return to … Instagram, I think.

Jessica & Mick

This is the main event.

Jessica tells the experts that after a nice stay in the family Mick again hates.

Mick says he wants to enjoy with his friends, other couples in the last few nights in the experiment, and that everyone can "see through the fake".

Cyrell speaks and explains that she got angry at dinner because she heard Jess says he wanted to sleep with Dan.

Martha, who we have to remember, does not have the world's greatest relationship with Cyrell, Jess says.

"Babe, why should you tell this? You did not even speak," she says. The rest of the group defends Cyrell and Jess says she does not need to be accountable to anyone except the person to whom she is married.

"What do I owe to each of you?" she asks.

When you leave the driver and you do not give a shit.


When you leave the driver and you do not give a shit.

"Honesty, respect," Mike replied. "Unfortunately, with Jess, you can catalog the history of dishonesty from the first day. We've all seen it and it's a pity because it has a sweet side, but we do not see much."

Experts want a decision.

"Three weeks in a row, I do not want to spend another minute," says Mick, and shows the room his "permissible" card.

Jess says he stays and Mick literally yells: "WHY".

Experts farewell to Susie, Billy, Cyrella and Nice, leaving only six couples in the experiment (well, four couples and two hostage situations).

Next time: Cam cries !!!!!!!! But why ???? Oh no, did Jess hit him?

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