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"Life in hell you made my life": The Bay of Plenty Bay Director was jailed for 16 years


A young woman, repeatedly raped by a man who treated her as a "slave", said that her life was "living hell".

The victim is this remark while reading a victim of an impact statement at the Tauranga District Court on Monday during a condemnation hearing for 63-year-old Pihi Hei.

In May, the jury of Hei found guilty of 14 allegations of indecent assault, one indictment that caused an obscene assault, four allegations of sexual offense due to unlawful sexual intercourse, five counts of sexual abuse with rape and disabling due to stunning. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison today.

The allegations relate to the violation of two women who responded to job ads in the remote Maraehako Bay near Te Kaho and Waihau Bay in the eastern Mnozica Bay.

The second applicant decided to read a statement on the impact on the victims in court and prove that he was treated as a "sexual slave" by Hei.

The court heard the first rape that happened at the motel. After arriving, she continued to abused her and forced her to drink alcohol, which made her feel drugged for about a day and a half.

"You did my life in hell. I suffer from eating disorders, anxiety and depression. What you did to me has affected me physically, emotionally and psychologically."

She said she lost her job, "positive attitude" to life and some friends, and the love of her family over her decision to talk about rape.

They diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and suffered nightmares.

"While I tried to move forward and put it behind me, the hell through which you let me down, was constantly walking through my head."

The other complainant said that he also lost the ability to trust people, especially men, and that she was constantly "looking over her shoulder".

Nevertheless, she was determined to prove that Hei was responsible and that others did not suffer as she had.

Crown prosecutor Heidi Wrigley has called for Hari's sentence to include a period without a conditional release, which would cover half of his sentence.

Hey Lawyer Russell Fairbrother argued that the minimum period without a conditional release was not justified, despite the fact that Hei preserved his innocence, as he had a good chance of rehabilitation.

She said that Heye's offensive accusation against these victims was intentional and "cruel" predatory behavior that caused the victims considerable harm.

Judge Thomas Ingram said that, despite Heidi's refusal, he fully agreed with the jury's ruling.

The judge said, given the extent and gravity of the offender and the extent of the damage caused to the victims, that the minimum nine-year period was justified.

Where to find help:

• If there is an emergency and if you feel that you or someone else is in danger, call 111.
• If you have ever experienced sexual abuse or abuse and you need to talk to someone, call the Safe to Talk: 0800 044 334 or 4334 Trusted Emergency Response Line.
• You can contact the local police station
• If you have been abused, do not forget that this is not your fault.

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