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Garth Brennan: The Golden Coast of Titans finishes the trainer early


The golden coast of Titans split up with coach Garth Brennan, who is immediately effective.

The Titans, sitting at the bottom of the 17-round scale, will begin to look for a new coach, but they will be taken by club coach Luke Burt and Craig Hodges by the end of the season.

Titan Head of Performance and Culture, Mal Mening had to present his findings from the internal review at the board meeting on Monday morning, but the Titans worked on Sunday.

They think Quinton Kevin Walters and St Helens coach Justin Holbrook are first in the first place for the work that Brennan left.

Gold Coast issued a statement with Executive President Dennis Watt confirming the move.

"Nobody in this organization or anyone involved in the rugby league wanted to finish Garth's time as Titan's head coach in this way," Watt said.

"However, the results that the club achieved in the field this season did not meet the expectations, and the performance of the team in recent weeks has fallen to the level that is unacceptable for the board, our members, fans, sponsors and partners.

"Unfortunately, this left the club in a situation when Garth remained the head coach, he became unsustainable."

Watt bowed to Brennan for his service and commitment to Titan, where he is coached from the end of 2017.

Garth, who remained at the post of coach, has become unsustainable.

Dennis Watt

"Although the results on the ground were not what we were hoping, Garth will still leave a huge legacy for this club with his contribution to the creation of our development systems and paths," Watt said.

"This will ensure that Titan's future is built around the best young players who grow on Gold Coast and in the north of NSW.

"On this path, Garth handed NRL players, such as AJ Brimson, Moeaki Fotuaika and Jai Whitbread – players who will be in the future at the heart of this club.

"Garth, his wife Rachael and their family really sacrificed when they moved to the coast, and Garth dedicated himself to joining Titan, fans, local leagues and the wider community.

"Garth was uninterested in promoting the club and the game. He is a dignified and genuine rugby man, and everyone in this club wants him and his family nothing but the best for the future."

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