Monday , October 18 2021

From plastic to workplace


On farms after New Zealand, anchors of light will soon appear, but you will not find them in the refrigerator.

Fonterra joined Kiwi, owned by Future Post, to turn milk bottles and other soft plastics into fences for kiwifruit.

Fonterra Brands New Zealand Larissa Thathiah, Head of Fertility and Environment, says jobs are an innovative new way for farmers to improve farm sustainability.

"This partnership allows farmers an environmentally friendly fence that is made from our farmer's packaging, which is very special," says Larisa.

"It's not enough to recycle more, it's about creating less waste that stops, or at least turning it into something useful. That's why these fences are so exciting – they are made from 100% recycled material and the expected life span of more than 50 years . "

The Future Post partnership is the latest initiative to reduce the amount of Fonterra waste. Last year, Co-op worked with SKYCITY to make the bottles for Anchor Light Proof bottles in the shampoo, balm and lotions for the body of the bottles.

Future Post, Jerome Wenzlick, says that Fonterra's excellent support is and is looking forward to the development of other sustainable products for farmers.

"What we are doing is the redirecting of waste that could go to the landfill and turn it into a valuable product for consumers," says Jerome.

"Our partnership with Fonterra gives us access to reliable raw materials supply from our own Co-op recycling initiatives. It also gives us access to a network of local Farm Source retailers that can sell fences and access to 10,000 farmers actively engaged in environmental initiatives such as fences to preserve cows from waterways and planting along rivers. "

"Future Post is a launch, but we have a plan for some new products in 2019, including those for non-agricultural sectors."

Bottle juice glass bottles are collected from the Fonterra Takanini site and are transported to the Future Post Waiuku plant, where they are mixed with soft plastic masses and become fences.

Fencing items will be available at selected Fonterra Farm Source stores in the North Island in the new year, and plans will begin selling on the southern island in mid-2019.

Fonterre director Miles Hurrell and director of Future Post Jerome Wenzlick unveiled the first summit at Fonterre's Open Gates in Karaka.

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