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The Twitch Dr Disrespect star, thanks to the new Battlefield V, Firestorm battle, shared her worries after watching the game play in her stream.

Battlefield V will release a new addition to the genre of the royal battle, called Firestorm, officially released and released to the public on March 25, so everyone will experience it.

Doc decided to check out some early Firestorm playing while broadcasting his reactions to his viewers just days before the start of the action.

EA Games / Flakfire

Battlefield Firestorm will start on March 25th.

After watching the first few minutes of the game, Disrespect is concerned about the fulfillment that would result from playing the Firestorm game and asked "is it worth it to play, do you think you have finally achieved something?"

He compared it to other battles, such as the PlayerUnknown Playgrounds, saying "if you can get to the top 10 [in PUBG], you were on a long trip "before you indicated that there was no action in Firestorm and stated that there were only four other teams left in the game.

After the first game in the game, dr. Disrespect remained unconvinced about what he had seen so far, and called the game weird, he said: "It's kinda strange. […] It does not seem that he will fulfill my appetite

When he watched the video, Dr. Disrespect the pace of the game and said that despite doubts, he will still play the game when he will be released on March 25 to try it alone.

He then continued to share what he thinks would be necessary to become the next battle to win the first place.

"The next studio that produces a third person, a triple military style shooter, this is the battle of the royal and can also be a competitive multiplayer, this will be the next big thing"

Although the tempo is one of the main concerns for Firestorm in the Firewall, it's still very early to be sure to say and you can adjust the mode so that more players will play in the future.

Many players are interested in seeing how Firestorm will run against some of the best games that are currently in the royal battle of the genre, such as Apex Legends and Fortnite.


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