Dollar softening on dovish Fed Discussion of the course, American raw falls


Talk points

  • The US dollar softened and treasury yields slid yesterday, followed by a comment that was newly named Fed Vice President Richard Clarid
  • As American stocks remained largely histori- cal, S & P 500 and Dow Jones ended up in vegetables
  • Oil prices remained at an annual level, as the neutralization of pogroms in Khaghoshi by Saudi Arabia affected the OPEC.

The US dollar and US Treasury yields settled down yesterday, followed by a comment on the new Vice President of the Fed, Richard Clarid. The market was literally shaken with its comments, because it remained blameless and did not even bother to respect the conventionally strong start of the Fed. According to this newly-established Deputy Prime Minister of the Fed, the US interest rate closed against the estimated neutral zone of the Fed and "it would be neutral"He also added that there is some evidence of a global slowdown. More importantly, Trump said his administration would not introduce more recent trade tariffs on Chinese goods.

As American stocks were continually affected, the softening of the US, the desire to think of the US-Chinese trade deal and the unexpected comment by the Fed, slightly increased stock prices. Oil prices remained on an annual basis, as the compensation movement from Saudi Arabia affected OPEC, and the US Oil Reserve also violated a record high.


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