AMD's new RX 590 graphics card is designed for 1080p gaming and perhaps for $ 279


AMD today in its installation of a dedicated graphics card drove the new classroom offerings of the middle class: $ 279 RX 590, which is supposed to be an upgrade to the RX 580, announced in April last year.

Depending on the specifications, the GPU is based on AMD's 12nm process and has 8 GB of RAM GDDR5. In addition to 36 computer units, there are 2,034 Stream Processors. The card is intended for the mid-market and will probably be more than enough to play most of the games on 1080p and possibly even 1440p. For higher resolution, of course, you may want to look at AMD and Nvidia more expensive products.

Compared to the RX 580, the card is actually very similar in terms of design – except, of course, from the 14nm process at 12nm. In addition, the RX 590 also has a 15% higher amplifier speed than the older model, and a total increase in capacity of 12%. It can also push as much as 7.1 TFLOPS compared to the highest calculation of 6.17 TFLOPS at 580.

The various OEM models of the RX 590 are expected to reach retailers soon, as Asus, Sapphire and others have made their own settings and modifications on the card.

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