Van Gerwen is not happy with the game against Clayton in the NF Quarterfinals


Michael van Gerwen was not missed after Jonny Clayton's victory in the Grand Slam of Darts Quarterfinals. Brabant number one in the world thought it was too hard for himself against Welshman.

"Other players can jump into the air if they return on average 101, but I can not, I can do better than that," said Van Gerwen in Wolverhampton in a conversation with NUsport.

"I should have pressed him beforehand to be able to hurt him, no, no, I always left that, so I must blame only for that."

Van Gerwen managed only 12-11 until the end when Clayton pulled out when he was fifth in defeat and then walked to 15-11, after which he was even able to score as many as eight points in the match. let it go.

"Oh, well, I won, and that's all that's all right: I have to take positive in the semifinals, but when I will become later, I'll think about everything."

"Everybody is my enemy on the stage"

Van Gerwen was also revenge for the striking defeat he lost to Clayton last Sunday. Then it decreased by 5-4, despite an average of 107.92.

"It was not necessary to intimidate him this afternoon, I told him last night that he was next he was, "said the double world champion with a big smile on his face.

"This afternoon we will laugh together, we know each other well, because we have the same leadership." "We are all well together, but everyone on the stage is my enemy." "Jonny, I gotta catch that too."

Van Gerwen can now present very nice statistics at Grand Slam or darts. It has both the highest tournament averages (104.23) and a maximum of 180 (30) players.

"So far, I have played an excellent tournament, and even if I'm missing out on the playing field for some time and people are thinking about such a practice, it could become complicated, I know how to turn it around at the right time. I'm happy for him."

Van Gerwen takes Sunday in the afternoon in the final against Gary Anderson. De Schot was quite easy on Saturday and in the evening, with Michael Unterbuchner, the last remaining BDO player, was too strong 16-6.


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