Theo Hiddema: Freek de Jonge acted like Zombie Fun


"That reminded me of the left church," she says Hiddema on Sunday. "Suddenly half of them are broken and creaky, there is a kind of zombie: Freek de Jonge. As a devastation, he warned us: it is worse, we are worse. Baudet is at the door so that bags of sand are on the door, our profession is in serious danger."

In the program, Hiddema also stated that he was shocked by the response to the victory of the Forum for Democracy in the state elections. "I see Baudet's drawings with a uniform passage. There are references to fascism and racism. It's offensive to people who really fell on him. "

Freek the Younger on Friday night, at the opening speech of the director of the CPNB, he caused excitement on the ball Eveline Aendekerk scream unannounced: "I think we should first give a statement of speech given by Thierry Baudet."

In doing so, De Jonge referred to the winning speech Baudet after the devastating victory of FVD on Wednesday night during the elections of the provincial council. "Our boreal world is being destroyed and undermined by our universities, our journalists, people receiving grants and building our buildings and our managers," Baudet said.


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