The number of Ziggo's digital TV channels is due to NORS disorders


The failure of VodafoneZiggo provides that in some locations non-primary channels are not digitally acceptable.

Hundreds of clients report on Friday morning not to receive certain television channels. The representative for VodafoneZiggo confirms the failure: "In some places across the country, customers can experience problems with non-primary channels".

We receive primary channels, which are channels from NPO, RTL and SBS. Other transmitters, such as the BBC, have been canceled due to a malfunction.

It is not known how big the error is. Earlier on Friday morning there were problems with analogue reach, but now it was solved.

Vodafone Ziggo suspects that the cable between Hilversum and Amsterdam was interrupted, possibly by working there. When you find a break, it can take several hours for the problem to be resolved.


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