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NPO 2Doc documentary about Sylvania Simons

Activism, racism and death threats

Tomorrow, Sylvan, Demon or Diva will have a world premiere in Carré. The documentary follows the life of Sylvana Simons before preparing for municipal elections in Amsterdam, where she works with her BIJ1 client. Finally, when Pieter van der Wielen spoke to Sylvana Simons, her life was completely different. She then told about her soul and music. This time about activism, racism and death threats.

"You're a bad person with your activist party." If you want to do something useful with life, Moriaantje "is one of the ten reactions he receives every day on social media." When I go to the bakery, I do not know if the person selling my bread is something terrible on Facebook, anyone who wanted something horrible may be, I am always alert. "

"What I experience is nothing compared to what I have already experienced"

Simons left home at age 14, became an independent mother at the age of 21, and had difficult contacts with her father, who later committed suicide. "What I'm experiencing right now is nothing compared to what I have already experienced. My father explained to me very early on that my position in this company is not the same as my blond friend. When I was young, I thought he was selling perfectly nonsense. "

My father explained very early to me that my position in this society is not the same as my blond friend.

Simons was born in Suriname and moved to the Netherlands at the age of two. She presented music programs. He is now a true politician and activist. You can see heavy consequences in a documentary movie. "People do not see me again as a human being, I became a symbol." Skelings do not affect me, but the mechanism does not. "What is the cause of this anger?"

Change in society

You can not be a woman in the Netherlands and do not deal with sexism, is not a homosexual, without the influence of homophobia, and is not black, without having to deal with racism, a real politician. But Simons sees a change in society. "For the first time, when I see people who have never been relied upon by their reliability, they are now thinking about how to get up to my socks and leather colors as a black woman? It is very important for me to be aware of it."

On 21 November, the documentary Sylvana, a demon or a giant will be broadcast on NPO 2.

You can also listen to the whole conversation here.

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