Friday , February 26 2021

Rooney is number 10 during a farewell match against VS NOW

Wayne Rooney will be wearing shirt number 10 during his last match for the English team on Thursday.

The former player, including Everton and Manchester United, also gets the captain's hand as soon as it comes in return, said national coach Gareth Southgate on Wednesday.

"The whole selection has a lot of respect for Wayne, which we find the most appropriate gift," said Southgate, who is an English team in a friendly match against the United States.

Rooney is currently in the US League for DC United. He works with Wembley again with England. Rooney will be his 120th international.

Southgate did not say in which minute Rooney enters the field. "I have already talked with him and we think that we have to prepare with our current team on Sunday," said the national coach of domestic matches against Croatia in the League of Nations.

Surprised for a farewell game

There was a lot of international matches. The various British media and former international members are surprised at how 119-day International Day received recognition. They fear that the show will be a more business game than a serious test.

Rooney and Southgate shrugged their shoulders. "I think it's great to get an exempted game," said Rooney, while Southgate wanted to thank the attacker for proven services.

The game between England and the US will start at 21.00 on Thursday at Wembley. The Southgate team plays in the national league three days after the exhibition game against Croatia, and then Rooney is no longer involved.

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