Monday , January 18 2021

Renault agrees with the Red Bull engine plans, provided they are unveiled later in 2022

On Friday, it became clear that Ferrari is now tackling Red Bull’s engine plans, and now Renault seems to agree as well. However, there is an agreement on this agreement.

It took a while, and now all the parties are finally done about stopping development. This should help Red Bull take over Honda’s engine, as the team does not have the knowledge and financial resources to develop the engine itself. With the so-called engine freezing However, all Formula 1 teams had to agree and things went wrong. Mercedes immediately offered its support, but Ferrari and Renault were very obstructive. However, something changed its mind as both teams now agreed to Red Bull’s plans. However, Renault has a condition to introduce a development freeze only later in 2022.

Renault team leader Marcin Budkowsky says: “Before the new rules were introduced, we were always committed to freezing,” he said. Formula 1. These are development constraints that would in any case apply from 2023 to both the engine and the EDF. However, Red Bull is calling for a complete freeze. “It’s negotiable. We’re not against it.” Time is especially important for the French team. Red Bull would rather introduce a development freeze at the end of 2021, while Ferrari is advocating the start of 2022. However, Renault wants to introduce a freeze even later, sometime later in 2022. “We can’t say we will freeze things at the end of 2021, for example. because is it simply too late for now, ”he said, knowing to report. The team has already invested heavily in the future and a freeze in early 2022 would erase that.

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“We want to make compromises if it’s in line with the regulations and if those compromises make sense,” he said, talking about a brand new engine that shouldn’t be introduced in 2026, but in 2025. If it depended on Renault, the development freeze would therefore only be introduced sometime later in 2022, so that all the time and money invested in the new engine specification would not be lost. Undoubtedly, it will create the necessary conversations in the near future.

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