Plea for reporting duty and compulsory vaccination against rhinovirus in horses



Herman Koorman of Horseshoe from Slagharen and his veteran Bert Wichers advocate compulsory vaccination of horses against rhinovirus. In their opinion, it is also obliged to report, so that everyone in this sector will be informed in good time of an outbreak. The trader was recently forced to end the horse at his farm after being infected.

Rhinovirus for horses has different versions. A particularly aggressive neurological variant is dangerous and can cause the death of an infected horse. This year, aggressive form is relatively common. Koorman and Wichers state that the owner of the horse currently does not have to report an infection. They believe that an aggressive neurological variant should occur, with the infection being better controlled.

Wichers and Koorman are also engaged in compulsory vaccination. This does not prevent the possibility of contamination by 100%, but to a large extent, says Wichers. "Costs are less than EUR 50. If mandatory, horse owners will not try to stop vaccinations for cost reasons.

Horses of the sector council do not want to comment on mandatory reporting and vaccination. The organization notes that the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality do not see the reason for this. The Central Association of Horses of Traders in the Netherlands is against the reporting of charges and vaccination. Manege and Ruiterbond also reject him. According to the organization, vaccination is significantly more expensive than 50 euros per year and costs almost 200 euros. The system is also not waterproof. The reporting obligation also applies to the difficulty of verifying that it is correctly completed.

source: De Stentor, November 15, 18



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