Sunday , January 17 2021

Jennifer Lopez completely undressed in the Insta photo

For now, it’s all music for the acting singer (or is it actually the other way around?) Jennifer Lopez. He is fully committed to his new single ‘In The Morning’ on Instagram, which will be released this week. And he takes off all his clothes for this single.As early as 1993, Lopez appeared in the feature film “Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7”, and later in titles such as Money Train from 1995, Blood and Wine from 1996 and U Turn from 1997. She achieved greater successes. with Out of Sight from 1998 and quite recently with Hustlers from 2019.

Now: In the morning
She shared the cover of her new single on Instagram and wrote: “Surprise! Here’s the official cover for #InTheMorning ✨ Highlight Friday ✨,” said Jennifer. A few days ago, she already shared two short videos of the photo shoot.

Want to see what 51-year-old Jennifer Lopez looks like on the cover of the new NSFW single? Check out the photo here on her Instagram! You can find the videos here and here.

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