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Groningen opened the door: "Now I have a very empty feeling"


The role of Jannik Pohla in FC Groningen ended. Mark-Jan Fledderus, technical director, told the Danish striker that I can look forward to a new club.

Pohl (23) replaced FC Groningen last year but could not be sure he was injured and played only seven games. The Danish attacker can leave. "Now I have a very empty feeling," said RTV Noord. "I hope that I will be able to fill this gap again in another club. At the moment I want to show more than ever, so it's important now to find the right club."

Pohl would have shown that Groningen is really good. "When I heard that Ron Jans was leaving in winter, I knew it would be very difficult. Jans saw me in top form and knows what to do. Mark-Jan Fledderus (successor to Jans, ed.) I only saw wounded and I understand that he wants to see the players he bought himself. I completely understand that I can look for another club. "

"Normally my best years are coming as a professional footballer. I feel that they do not really like me anymore," says Pohl, who shines with "little interest" from Denmark. "These clubs know me and I know what I can do. I think I can master the level of a club like Groningen, also in a country other than the Netherlands or Denmark."

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