Greenpeace activists insured on a palm oil ship on their way to Rotterdam NOW


Four Greenpeace activists hold a cargo ship carrying palm oil and on its way to the Netherlands. The organization has "limited radio communications" with activists and requires the captain to release them.

The action of Greenpeace is directed against the sale and use of palm oil. According to the organization, the cultivation of palm oil is the basis of the destruction of the rainforest.

Palm oil is found in many products, such as baby food, shampoo, cosmetics and also Oreo cookies.

The cargo ship transported palm oil from Wilmar International from Indonesia to Rotterdam. Wilmar is the world's largest palm oil dealer.

Activists climbed to Cádiz in Spain. In advance, they announced their arrival to the captain. When they boarded the vessel, they opened banners with "rain forest destructors" and "Oreo Drop Dirty Palm Oil".

Limited radio contact with activists

Six activists are in one of the boats on board, Greenpeace writes on its website. "We have limited radio contact with our volunteers and we ask the captain to release them in order to proceed with a peaceful protest," said Hannah Martin, head of the Greenpeace campaign. Esperanza.

"The emptying and roasting of the rainforest causes an increasing climatic crisis and the increasingly smaller living environment of orangutans. Palm oil can be produced without the need to reduce it." Now is the time for big brands to take action, "says Andy Palmen, head of the Greenpeace Netherlands campaign.

According to Greenpeace, tropical deforestation in Indonesia produces more CO2 emissions each year than the entire European Union. In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) called for the immediate stopping of deforestation, so that global temperature rise is limited to 1.5 ° C

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