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Girl (6) in a coma with wound with ghb | Inside


Omroep Brabant reports about this. The girl just survived the incident, as it turned out in the courtroom.

In June last year, she played with her daughter at home with a 45-year-old man from Helmond. The man gave a glass to a daughter and a visiting girl. He also poured a cup. He inserted a dash with another liquid. A moment later, he went to the barn to get something.

The "wound" cup remained on the table. The girl drank out of her and got sick. She had to return, stop breathing and fall into a coma. The hospital turned out to have received ghb. According to the doctor, the situation was critical and the girl would have died if she had not been taken to the hospital.


De Helmonder told the court that he received a drink from someone in the gym. Good for burning fat, they told him, said Helmonder.

The court accuses him of being carefree, certainly because he also had a drink and a dizziness. He also did not immediately say about a drink at the hospital. But the girl drove straight to the hospital and cried; therefore the penalty is low. In addition to the 180-hour operational staff, they have to pay 2,700 euros for their parents.

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