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Dutch producer YoungKio (19) on the global hit: "It's really crazy!"


Kio, as his friends called him, began production in 2016. His friend encouraged him to try it because he was good with computers. After some training, Kio decided to publish his hits on the US website. Artists can buy blues for their songs through this platform.

American artist Lil Nas X bought one of Kita's rhythms, he recorded a song here Old Town Road and unexpectedly achieved a worldwide hit. Kio found that his strokes were used when the girls who recognized his trail were tagged in Instagram videos. "At that time, I turned to Lil Nas X and told me that I wanted to participate in the promotion of the song," says Kio.

The American artist thought this was a very good idea. "Lil Nas X now involves me everywhere," says Kio. "Some artists really see you as a producer, but I see it as if I've made a song. It has three million followers on Instagram, but it also gives me credit for everything. I am grateful to him for that."

I wonder how the song sounds? So:

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