Alcohol dependency in rats is disabled by NSA lasers


Scientists have managed to remove rats from alcohol addiction using lasers.

By directing laser beams to a certain part of the brain rats, their call to alcohol disappeared.

"This study focuses on a specific part of the deep in the brain that controls the consumption of alcohol in rodents," said researcher Olivier George for digital trends.

"We also discovered ways in which these neurons in the brain create addiction," says George. This allowed researchers to exclude the motivation to drink alcohol on genuinely dependent rats by simply pulling the switch.

"In the end, we managed to greatly reduce the consumption of alcohol and also reduce the physical symptoms caused by weaning," concluded the researcher.

If there is no alcohol, do not vibrate

The study showed that the symptoms of dependency in high-alcohol dependent rats had disappeared when lasers were used to eliminate neurons. Not only did their desire for alcohol disappear, but also did not shake if they did not enjoy alcohol for a long time. However, if the lasers were switched off, the symptoms immediately returned.

The work of researchers can lead to the development of targeted medicines or gene therapy for humans if real neurons are found in human brain. It is also possible to implant in the brain. Although, according to researchers, at least fifteen to thirty years old, they should wait for such products that are suitable for humans.


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