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Wydad exhibits the Esperance alibi from Tunisia


Kiosque360. Following Esperance's attempt by Tunisia to influence the CAS, Wydad firmly defended his position and Ahmad Ahmad threatened to appeal to the Swiss Federal Court in the event of an unfavorable decision.

Wydad Casablanca has just replied to the reply submitted by Esperance Tunisia under the jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport (CAS). And of course, this is an example of the return of the Champions League final.

The Tunisian club actually seized CAS to protest against the decision of the CAF Executive Board, which it considers incapable of deciding on the matter. Note: The CAF Executive Board has decided to repeat the return on a neutral ground. Esperance also explains that such a decision is the responsibility of the organizing committee, reports Arabic Assabah in its edition on Wednesday, July 24th.

According to Wydad de Casablanca, the CAF Executive Board is entirely responsible for deciding on such cases, as it is the highest decision-making body in the organization. In addition, in the presence of the two presidents of the concerned clubs, Tarik Bouchmaoui and Saïd Naciri, in the organizing committee, the decision of that authority constituted a conflict of interest.

In its attempt to influence the CAS, Esperance relied on an old decision, which dates back to 2015, in which the CAS annulled the CAF Executive Board's decision. This decision concerned the withdrawal of CAN 2015 in Morocco.

CAF Chairman Ahmad Ahmad said that if the decision of the Executive Board was annulled, he would appeal to the Swiss Federal Court. He also explained that within the CAF there are laws that need to be reviewed so that they no longer fall into these legal delays.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian Football Association withdrew an appeal against Fouca Lekjai for alleged aggression against Judge Bamlaka Tessema.

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