Venezuelan footballers condemn the sexual abuse of the former coach


Venezuelan players, including football star Deyna Castellanos, on Tuesday condemned the sexual abuse of their former coach, Panamanian Kenneth Zseremete.

In 2020, “one of our teammates admitted to us that she was sexually abused by a coach from the age of 14”, the facts from 2014 show a text signed by 24 players and broadcast on social media by Denya Castellanos, the Madrid striker Atletico, which was among the top three players in the world in 2017.

The text does not state the identity of the victim. Zseremeta, described as a “monster,” led several Venezuelan national teams between 2008 and 2017, twice winning the South American Under-17 title and qualifying three times for the World Cup with two places in the semifinals. in 2016.

“We have decided to break the silence to prevent the situations of physical, mental and sexual abuse and harassment committed by football coach Kenneth Zseremetra from causing additional casualties,” the text reads.

“After the revelations, various teammates evoked experiences of harassment, abnormal questions and invitations, blackmail to stay with the selection, requests for gifts from the context, massages and more …,” the players state.

Citing “trauma and mental injury,” the players point out that some of these situations were “supported by leadership members”.

Zseremeta was fired in 2017 after he condemned the “severe malnutrition” of his players, calling them “heroines” as Venezuela faced food shortages after the economic and financial crisis.

He then got the support of the players, who now show that the victims of the “manipulation” were under his control.

“We ask all the right people – FIFA, the confederation, the federation and the league – not to allow this + coach + to continue his life in women’s football,” they conclude.

After leaving Venezuela, Zseremeta worked mainly in the Dominican Republic and Panama.


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