Testing the Tesla 3: a real car with a geek? (Video Report)


Initially very far from the computer world, the car has changed in recent years " tech ", as was the case with telephony in the twenty years, which led to very new players " disturbing " especially in Silicon Valley.Autonomous car related, entertainment services … All GAFA or almost want their share of cake related car, including Apple which secretly develops the system of autonomous driving in the highest secrecy. But men, including technologists, made a big step forward: after the founding of PayPal, Elon Musk invested in Tesla, today the pioneer of electric cars and autonomous driving.

Over time the American manufacturer has become a fan of geeks of all kinds, who in his time impressed this dear Elon as Steve Jobs. We do not hide it when we find ourselves at Supercharger with others " Lovers "It seems like you came back a few years ago at the beginning of a Mac or iPhone when you discovered these pioneering products of the new era. You will see it in the video, world of the 3-first-limousine model " affordable " Tesla inspired Big Apple's philosophy, with its clean look and big screen.

In this video, which takes about thirty minutes (see it on the TV!), Driss Abdi (from Nexxdrive.fr) is following me for you discover the part " techno " this exceptional car. On this occasion, I would also like to thank Hadrien, our cameraman Tesla France for renting the model 3, as well as all the readers who came to watch during the recording and those who gave us feedback on social networks. .

Magneto, Serge!


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