Sunday , April 18 2021

Sea of ​​Thieves: The Piracy Game begins on April 2, season 15

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Previously updated monthly, Sea of ​​Thieves adopted a new system in early 2021. The developers have really decided to offer an update to about every three months according to seasonal logic. The first season kicked off on January 28 and brought a number of new features like the Plunder Pass. This paid Battle Pass allows players to earn more premium prizes as they progress. So they can get their equipment, weapons, objects or new relationships back. The content for the 2nd season, which will arrive on April 15, has not been revealed yet, but the first trailer is already circulating on social networks.

Become a pirate if you join the world of the Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves allows players to play as pirates and navigate the waves alone or with a crew. You will have to follow the efforts to collect gold on your own and gain a real reputation as a legend in the community. In multiplayer, in “Arena” mode, your goal will be to coordinate so that your ship will set sail after collecting treasures. In the spirit of Battle Royale, there are frequent clashes between pirates, especially since the universe is presented as a common world. In this second season, players are hoping for the arrival of new weapons, and most importantly, a new island that would enrich the map, as well as the original script search.

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