Wednesday , April 21 2021

Relaxation of Maati Monjib, Moroccan “harrage” in Hirak, Algeria …

In his Sunday confessions, Abu Wael Al-Rifi focuses on the conditional release of Maâti Mounjib and the latest discovery of Algerian lines towards Morocco.

Abu Wael Al-Rifi reserved most of his Sunday confessions for the case of Maati Monjib. Regarding his release, the analyst explains that it is nothing more and less about strict compliance with the law on preventive detention. The judge could not detain the accused after three months, which are determined by law, “he added. Thus, it shows that the connection between Maati Monjib’s “alleged hunger strike” and his freedom by confiscating his passport is only a mental picture. Just like again the alleged pressures that France would exert on Morocco, as the defendant is binational.

Referring to the accusations against Maati Monjib, Abu Wael stressed that the case would follow justice and that the verdict would rule in full sovereignty. “The period of pressure is long over,” he points out.

Algeria: a new funny case

As for the Moroccan “harrag,” which Chengriha recently accused of displaying Algerians against their power, the Abu Wael council scoffs at such an accusation. He recalls that these diversionary attempts at power and Algerian troops do not deter millions of Algerians from fighting the military regime that rules their country and that they want to turn into civilian and democratic power.

The analyst warns that the slogans chanted in the demonstrations of the Algerian Hirak say a lot about the determination of the protesters and their thirst for change. “Tebboune is counterfeit and was brought in by the military, and we are demanding a civilian state and not a military one,” he wrote as an example of these slogans.

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