Wednesday , April 21 2021

Raphaël Pépin (Les vacances des Anges 4) a victim of the former candidate’s witchcraft, she balances

Raphaël Pépin would be the victim of witchcraft in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 3, and this former candidate for reality television admits all …

If we had thought until then that Carla Moreau, who finally explains her absence from social media, is the only reality TV candidate who may have resorted to witchcraft in the middle, it would seem that other small screen stars could use her as well, Also awareness! Yamina Niya, open years 10 perfect pairs 4 she recorded a video on her Youtube channel where she responds to the Carla Moreau affair and confides in practice. She explains that her family would have donations and could use them unintentionally Fairy of Broken Hearts 3when Raphaël Pépin crashed... Writing melty reveals everything below.

The young woman says that when she was horrified by the forgiveness Fairy of Broken Hearts 3,, Yamina was very angry at Raphaël Pépin and had a mental image all day where she saw him go through the transparent balcony. To this day, she does not know whether Raphaël Pépin’s accident would have occurred because of her will, or whether she would have had any premonitions, but soon after the candidate walked past the glass table on which he was sitting and had to undergo emergency surgery. .. Raphaël Pépin was hospitalized, excluded from the program for a while and had 18 stitches on his right buttock! Revelations that promise conversation … Discover here also the revelations of Jelena about Raphaël Pépin, who is accused of violence from Angèle during the filming of the Feast of Angels 4.

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