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Opioid users are more likely to receive treatment


Double penalty for opioid consumers in the United States. According to a study from the University of Michigan, they find it harder to find a doctor. Of the approximately 200 clinics tested, almost half of them rejected care for a patient who takes opioids daily for injuries in the past.

Fugitive pain

"We have heard of patients with chronic pain who have become" refugees of pain, "says Pooja Lagisetty, the lead author of this study, their recipes were no longer renewed or their doctor refused, which forced them to look for something they would ease pain elsewhere. "

In order to carry out this research, the researchers contacted the clinics by telephone and presented themselves as someone whose loved one uses opioids and searches for a doctor. Each facility has been called twice, and researchers have ensured that all clinics receive new patients.

Refusal irrespective of the patient's health insurance

Of the 194 surveyed institutions, 40% refused to take a new patient who has opioids due to old injuries, regardless of health insurance. 17% answered that they needed more information about the patient before making a decision: from these clinics two thirds of the respondents met him for a preliminary interview.

Patients in danger

Consumer opioids should be taken into account in particular by the doctor. This can help to reduce their prescription of opioids with other painkillers, provide them with overdoses, or simply better support them. Researchers say that these rejections can lead patients to the illicit production of opioids or the deterioration of other diseases they suffer, such as diabetes or hypertension. Every day 200 people die because of an overdose of opioids in the United States.

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