Monday , March 8 2021

Morning – immersion into the digital section of the BCP group

Banque Populaire works in the digital world. The Group promises to improve customer experience with the latest innovations in mobile banking, m-payment or travel. The solutions presented on November 14th at the subsidiary's subsidiary, Paying Center for Africa, where the division, which has been operating since 2016, works on digital transformation projects of the group.

Banque Populaire accelerates digital flashing. The group will soon launch a new version of its mobile banking solution, "Pocket Bank". It will exploit the entire mobile ecosystem. "For example, I can use a mobile camera as part of a bank or Whatsapp. This is a new generation of solutions that completely disturb the phone environment," said Hassan Debbagh, DGA, responsible for the Bank of Individuals and Experts at the BCP, during a visit to his daughter company's pay office center for Africa, on November 14 in Casablanca, where "digital team" is working hard for group projects.
The new application also has a voice assistant that allows the user to collaborate with the banking solution and other options that are included in the application. According to Anas Drihany, Director of the Paying Center for Africa (PCA), the BCP branch and the project development team and digital solutions, the first continent.
At the same time, the bank launched a new travel of customers, which relates to mortgage lending. "This is not a simulation, but a real offer of financing," Debbagh said at first glance. The new "immo" course is designed for customers and prospects that can follow every step without moving to the agency, provided by the DGA Bank. The course includes four main stages: simulation and use of credit imaging, study of the document, agreement and presentation of substantiated documents and signing of the contract. The customer is informed in real time about the progress of each step in the "fast" time.
News requires Debbagh to return to one of the most recent bank innovations: BPay, m-payment solution. "We are the first institution to launch the m-wallet in April. We are currently using solutions and already connecting the interoperability switch. We have been preparing for this official launch with all the services that are required, such as cash contributions, repayments, transfer and payment , "Says the head of the bank (see also page 22).
In addition to these new features, Debbagh also returned to the bank's main achievements on the digital page. After opening an account, which was a great success, according to the DGA. Evidence: Today, 70% of open accounts in a branch are carried out digitally. Similarly, this digital trip reduced the time allocated to opening an account from 45 to 15 minutes. The solution took place in the subsidiary companies in dozens of countries. The Digital Working Group is also working on several data-related projects, protecting the customer against electronic fraud, relaying the Chaabi Net application and "Managing Change", which targets employees in the group.

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