Medicament to reduce the intensity of traumatic memories


Science will soon be able to overthrow our bad memories. The researchers managed to reduce the effect of traumatic memories with propofol. The results of their research are published in Scientific advances.

Reactivate and neutralize the memory

For this study, 50 participants were selected. The researchers showed them two slides, the content of which caused negative emotions. A week later they returned and watched the first slide of one of the two slides. Scientists then asked a number of questions as soon as the participants began to think about negative memories, they received a dose of anesthetic, propofol. After the injection, the participants responded to a test by which they evaluated their memory on two slides, viewed from experience. Part of the group passed this test immediately after receiving the propofol, while the other responded 24 hours later.

The results of the experiment are convincing: 24 hours after the administration of propofol, it disrupts the reconstruction of traumatic memory in memory. Memory does not disappear, but it is weaker and therefore less traumatic.

Propranolol for the treatment of post-traumatic stress

This work reflects Canadian dr. Alain Brunet. For several years, he has been interested in the effects of propranolol on the memory. In February, he published the results of his latest research: showing the value of this beta-blocker to reduce the pain associated with traumatic memory. Since 2000, the drug has been tested for the treatment of post-traumatic stress, and in France it has been the subject of clinical trials to treat the victims of the attacks on November 13, 2015.

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