Little artist Salif Keita launches the latest album of his career


This 10-year-old album is entitled "The Other White", according to his albinism. "I wanted this album to thank my fans who supported me from the beginning of my career," said one, who is also called the "white horse" of Malian music.

"After a lifetime of distress due to its difference, Salif celebrates in the end what is another White, and invites the world to celebrate the difference with it," reads the artist's web site.

Salif Keita says she has collaborated with many artists in this album. He chose Fano, the Malian City, located approximately 100 kilometers from the capital of Bamako to perform on the launch concert of his album Saturday night.

"This means that this happened with the murder of a small Ramata, never again," he said, referring to an albino girl named Ramata Diarra, murdered last May in Fana. For the benefit of this concert, it is dedicated to the victim and to draw attention to the condition of albinos, who are often victims of discrimination and violence.

We expect many guests at this free Fana concert.

He was born on August 25, 1949 in Djoliba not far from Bamako, Salif Keita's art career began in 1969. But his first known album, Mandjou, will be released in 1978. Since then, he has made dozens of successful albums, including Moffou, M & 39; Bemba and Folon.

Salif Keira is considered one of the most talented artists in Africa.



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