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The changes made by the national coach were helpful, as the Greens could return to international success and at the same time qualify for the CAN-2019.

The national football team qualified yesterday's qualification for the CAN-2019 finals, thanks to the success achieved manually against Togo (1-4). Success, the first trip since 2 June 2016 before the Seychelles, which allows Algerians to play the African Cup of Nations, and this, without waiting for the run of the last day of the playoffs scheduled for the following March. It also wins the opponent, which is far from the lightning strike, is good for morale, as we are aware that this could lead to good dynamics for representation in the quest for salvation. And national coach Djamel Belmadi is not strange for this qualification, which has corrected the hit by mistake against Benin. By deciding to trust elements such as Benlamri, Belaïli, Abdelaoui, Chita in order to list something, the national coach managed to cope with a fairly fighter and effective at the same time. Belmadi was able to decide against Benin. What could have avoided the collapse of the Greens in Benin. The goal is now reached.
EN is qualified for CAN-2019. With 10 points in the pocket, EN is at the top of the Pool D. list Belmadi scholarship holder will need only one point to make sure they finish the group level in the first field. Benin is in second place with seven points, while Togo and Gambia are close to 5 points. From the very beginning, Algeria escaped to the other side. Animated with the desire to hell to leave with a good result, the Green Sound Revolt will be. It was not for six minutes before Bounedjh after the Belaïli service was on the verge of searching the net. His surrender to Feghuli forced the Togolese defender to intervene at the last minute.
The same Bouneday, four minutes later on the counter, would rather play independently and instead of serving Mahre, they will get complicated brushes. Before Togolovci will recover and be disorganized, Algerians will be able to find a networking mode when the poor dismissal of the goalkeeper Mahrea in an ideal position that will touch the defender's hands before dying at the bottom of the net (13 ').

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Because of this achievement, the Greens will not take prudence to maintain their achievements. On the contrary, they will continue to press an opponent who could hardly take care of defending EN. And just when we expected the Togolese reaction, Attal will defend on the right side of Togolese defense at a speed and then rush to the side. Then he will devour respect for the defender and his left foot sent the leather to the bottom of the net. Anthological purpose of this phenomenal Attala.
Algeria will drop two minutes later when Togo will knock again. Mahrez, who started in depth, will quietly beat the goalkeeper of the Sparrowhawks, and he signed the duplicate (he did not reach from CAN-2017 against Zimbabwe). Togo 0 -Algeria 3. The match was folded in thirty minutes, among which the neighbors with the fellow teammate Feghouli went on their own and they managed to place three valuable banderoles. The Amorphous Togolans will try to do something with Adebayor without being able to reduce them. At this score of 3 to 0, the top referee marked the end of the first period.
On returning the locker, Belmadi will include Abdelaoui instead of Bensebaïna for shoulder damage. The Greens will decide on the same accepted strategy. Bounedjah, 52th minute, almost added to the account. Alone against Basse, the attacker Al-Sadd misses the box and the fourth goal. In the next minute, Togo will be able to reduce the score by the corner. Goalkeeper Mbolhi misses on Laba, who puts his head in the net. Togo 1 – Algeria 3.
The Greens will then manage their achievements to the final whistle, although Togo could in the 86th minute want to achieve the second goal, except for the return of Abdelaoui who save in the extremes. And when we went to the end of the game, Bounedjah burned the patron's courtesy and then gave the impression to the net that managed to reach the fourth goal in a very pleasant way. This result is 4 hits to 1, so that the judge stops debating.

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