Sunday , April 18 2021

Chioma removes David’s photos from Instagram

Chioma et-Davido
Chioma et-Davido

Chioma Avril Rowland, David’s former fiancée, has deleted all remaining photos with the Nigerian singer Instagram, a few days after information came to the headlines about his romance with Myo Yafai, the former girlfriend of American rapper Young Ma. But the couple recently sparked controversy again after photos surfaced online showing the two kissing.

Nigerian singer Davido is leading the news about African show business during rumors of love with American model Myo Yafai. The two birds were first seen in February. Their photo, which appeared on social media, garnered a lot of criticism among internet users. Chioma Avril Rowland, a famous Nigerian cook, has therefore decided to remove photos of David, her fiancé, from her side Instagram.

Although Chioma and Davido did not comment on the development, their relationship has become a hot topic of discussion on social media platforms. In what seemed like a new twist, the famous Chioma, for his part, deleted several favorite photos of himself and David on Instagram.

On Friday night, only the cover of “A Better Time,” David’s album 2020, in which he is seen holding their son Ifeanyi, is visible on the page. The development came a few days after US model Mya Yafai also deactivated her site Instagram in the midst of the controversy that followed his affair with David.

“Fem” singer Chiomo Avril Rowland met while studying economics at Babcock University. In September last year, he offered her an engagement, followed by a silent introductory ceremony. The award-winning singer also announced plans for a relationship with Chioma last year, and later postponed the wedding to a date that has not yet been revealed.

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