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Carlos Ghosn's wedding at the Versailles Palace, under French magnifying glass – Le1

According to Nissan, he was investigating about the use of the property of Renault by Renault's former president Carlos Ghosen. The first example stems from this investigation: the use of a sponsorship contract between the diamond brand and the Versailles palace. Ghosn celebrated his wedding and his wife's birthday without paying any fees. The lynx, advised by his lawyer, offered to pay the amount owed to protect him from further actions.

Carlos Ghosn offered the Versailles Palace a reimbursement of all costs associated with the celebration of his marriage and the birthday of his wife in the gardens of the luxurious palace. A proposal that comes less than 24 hours after disclosing Renault's request to the French judicial authorities to investigate the financial history of the event.

The French automotive giant is investigating whether Gosn's use of Versailles for this luxurious event is the abuse of corporate sponsorship and "personal gain" for the former president.

Renault's investigation concerns sponsorship contract for EUR 2,3 million, which was negotiated with the Versailles Palace, according to which the carmaker had the right to benefit, including various options for using the castle for his own events.

Renault said in a statement that, according to his investigation, "a personal contribution" 50 000 euros under this sponsorship agreement, "personal benefits" Carlos Ghosnand added that the group then decided to bring to the attention of the judicial authorities these facts.

French attorney for dismissed President Renault, Jean-Yves Le Borgne, shortly thereafter issued a statement stating: "Carlos Ghosn paid all the costs of his law. The venue for Versailles events was available free of charge, Mr. Ghosn was unaware that the use of this space would be attributed to the use provided by Renault. "

Renault's suspicions of the marriage of Carlos Ghosn were the first to come out of the extensive investigation into the French company in his former boss, an investigation that reflects Nissan's deeper investigation into the financial affairs of his former president. , which is now imprisoned in Japan, to trial.

Why Versailles? " It's easy to invite people to a party to answer you, perhaps, to joke to Carlos Ghosn when this question was asked. When you invite them to Versailles, you are sure they will come! The boss saw things great for his 120 guests. The Sofia Coppola "Marie-Antoinette" would serve as a model for the organization of the evening and dozens of costumes of the eighteenth year. " We wanted our guests to feel at home Carole Ghosn said. "Chez nous" is … Big Trianon, reports the Parisian.

Carlos Ghosn, who has been accused by Japanese prosecutors for having underestimated his salary and is approaching the fourth month of jail in Tokyo, offered his French lawyer Friday morning.

He continued to claim that he was innocent, but, according to legal experts, the Japanese court is likely to extend his detention.

Although Nissan and Renault agree to investigate the use of Carlos Ghosn assets, relations between the two partners clearly show signs of wear under the pressure of the arrest of their former leader in November.

The very strong legal exchange of letters reported by the Financial Times shows an increasing disagreement between Nissan and Renault regarding the surrender of Carlos Ghosn's investigations and the appropriate degree of transparency between the two companies.

Renault denounces Nissan for "vague and unilateral statements" about certain accusations and doubts about the attachment of Japanese society to the alliance, which began to show signs of tension even before the arrest of Gosn. .

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