calls for a reform of the Family Code


The ADFM calls for urgent harmonization of laws and public policies with the Constitution and international conventions in order to better guarantee women’s rights. “The Family Code requires a global overhaul to fill gaps and eliminate inconsistencies in certain provisions that only worsen the social situation of Moroccan women and perpetuate social and family injustices,” the press release said on the occasion. on the 17th anniversary of the reform of the Family Code.

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The association appropriately recalls the increase in the marriage of minors in recent years. According to the Ministry of Justice, 35,150 marriage contracts for minors were concluded in 2015, almost twice (18,341) contracts concluded in 2004. The ADFM also raises the issue of polygamy, a “nuisance” promoted by Article 16 of the Family Code until 2019. relating to the regulation of ordinary marriages ”. This text “contributed greatly to the increase in underage marriages and polygamy. It was enough for “Fatiha” to organize the wedding and start the process of recognizing that union, ”she lamented.

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Another mistake that needs to be corrected is the division of property in the event of a divorce. “The non-obligation to attach an annex to the marriage contract, which defines the ways of dividing the property acquired during marriage, has plunged many women into extreme poverty, despite their contribution to shaping the family heritage and the time allotted to it. “maintenance and education of children”, the association notes and also raises the issue of child protection. “Legal custody of children is notorious discrimination against women. The current text advocates equality in rights and responsibilities between men and women, and legal custody is attributed only to the father … “, he accuses.

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For the ADFM, gender equality in and before the law is an essential condition for achieving sustainable development. It therefore calls for a “global revision of the Family Code […] on Morocco’s constitutional progress and commitments to the international community in terms of the effectiveness of women’s rights ”.


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