"BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE 2019" is the first award in Tunisia for the most successful customer service!



The first prize of the Red & Blue logo "BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE" took place on Thursday, April 12, at Villa Didon Carthage, where it awarded 5 companies that stood out from their competitors with particularly effective customer service.

"From today on, the Tunisian consumer will be able to quickly identify companies that place the comfort of their users at the heart of their strategies, only if we look for our red-blue logo," said Ismail Ben Miled.

"For this first edition, we have received awards for companies in 5 categories of different universities, Telecommunications, Retail, Insurance, Distribution of Perfume and Luxury Cosmetics, Issue of Meals and Gift Certificates," -That.

"This year, we are laying the foundation for ambitious competition with a solid, uncompromising methodology based on the data of an independent company that can be consulted on demand. The winners of this edition can proudly display the" Best Customer Service "logo.

Today, the consumer can be lost in a highly competitive saturated market, and his attention is to the increasing number of promotions that are sometimes incomprehensible, and therefore we propose an independent label that leads consumers in a simple and clear way to service providers that offer services. the most effective customer.

Our approach is ambitious, genuine and effective

We check all proposed channels (telephone, mysterious shopping in shops, social networks and a website) to inform and care about consumer issues and complaints, and competition with almost all operators in the sector to a lesser market, even if they are not registered.

This ambitious study ends with a personal survey of customer satisfaction and perceived quality on a representative sample of the population in all countries.

We offer the most credible image of the success of customer relationships in every industry.

We entered a consumer society, our life is interrupted with our purchases and interrupted by our interactions with service providers or distributors.

This approach has a powerful effect, a commercial weight argument for converting opportunities or customer loyalty by dragging the overall average of the benefits up, in contrast to a price war strategy that is short-lived and decreasing. daily deadlines, jobs and user experience.

For companies participating in the competition, "best customer service" represents a real selling point and an indisputable marketing tool, as the tag delivers voice directly to consumers – and who better provides consumers with reliable advice and feedback on the experience of being credible.

This year, more than 2,400 citizens voted in Tunisia for their favorite companies, all categories together.

How It Works? The cooperation process is simple and requires 4 steps:

  1. Registration of companies wishing to compete.

  2. A national survey of 2400 consumers, followed by a revision of the main customer service channels supported by public companies. Sectors are independently examined at least two-thirds of the market, taking into account, in particular, companies with the largest and least significant market share. In most cases, 100% of enterprises in their sector are examined independently of registrations.

  3. One winner per category is determined.

  4. Award ceremony.




Ooredoo Tunisia



Sales of cosmetics and luxury perfumes


Issue of vouchers and services for meals



GAT insurance



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