4K ConceptD OJO VR headphones announced by Acer for designers


Acer again marked the virtual reality market with the new product, more specifically the third.

Following the first Acer helmet, recognizable among others by its blue design, the manufacturer introduced OJO 500 in November last year, a new PC model, still Windows Mixed Reality with the same resolution as its predecessor, but with the development of a built-in headset, an IPD setting and removable front panel. Since then, we have no news from OJO 500 and we do not know whether there will be a trade with us.

The news of the day refers to the third helmet that has just been disclosed, OJO, simply because it is part of the new line "ConceptD", which is intended for creators (developers and other professionals).

For this model we are entitled to increase the power by 2.5 times the number of pixels as OJO 500. The total resolution of the helmet rises to 4320 × 2160, just like the HP Reverb, which was recently released.

In addition, OJO also has interpassive distance settings and a speaker system and built-in headphones. The front panel is also removable, as it is usual on all new VR headphones. Motion controllers will be the same as for the current Acer headset.

No price or date of issue is reported.


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