Monday , March 8 2021

With an emotional letter, ceibeños forgives the goalkeeper of life

La Ceiba, Honduras

"We love you, Chin, we love you." These terms were fired by family members, friends and co-workers yesterday Óscar Sein Munguía Zelaya, the young promise of Club Deportivo Vida, who was murdered with her friend last Sunday in a bar of this city.


Óscar Sein stood out in several clubs in the country, including Real Sociedad, Victoria and Vida, as well as other teams from the National League of the Second Division.

The remains of an extinct footballer were concealed in his home in the Esquipulas neighborhood, but yesterday he walked to the cemetery of the frontier district of this city to give him his last letter. The crowd pronounced slogans that showed the love they had in their lives.

"We love you, Chin, we love you" were the phrases that were heard during the cry and the pain of their relatives. Players and managers of Club Deportivo Vida came to the cemetery to have forgone those who were his partner for four years.


In this regard, the police have informed the police that they are continuing to investigate to find a person who shot Munguio Zelaya and his friend Vivian López after a strong discussion they had when discussing with other people at a nightclub. "The investigation process is in progress, and a good part of the investigation of this case and others is very advanced.

Your dream

His family said that the dream of the late goalkeeper was to play in Olympia and travel to the United States. Football was his passion because he was in pre-school classrooms.

Police are striving to give strong answers and cover those who are responsible for this unfortunate event, "said Commissioner Luis Bustamante, deputy head of the Atlántida Police Department.

The replaced goalkeeper died when he wanted to go to a fight that took place in a nightclub. The testimonies collected by the police authorities indicate that the perpetrator who participated in this debate went to a nearby hotel to take his weapons and then shoot Munguio Zelaya and his friend who was outside the bar.
A third person was wounded in the city, which also monitored the victims.


The future bearer of coconut trees was buried in a simple grave. The funeral wagon was fired from his house at the cemetery, on the desire of the crowd to wear the unit carrying the remains of Munguie. His coffin was covered with the flag of Life.

During the applause and the joy, the team's followers, now deceased with sweat, opened their shirt.

"This pain can only help us to survive. Farewell, brother, we will never forget you. You were a wonderful person," said Iris Zelaya, sister of the deceased goalkeeper during the screams of pain. For coconut trees it will be difficult to fill the gap left by Chin, as they say. "It will be difficult to fill this space, we care for players, we are sorry because of this death because he was out of the house, but we have no choice but to move," Orlando Escobar, director of the Vida Club, was charged.

Many relatives who were confused by this tragedy went to the coffin to finally respond to the one who was always laughing. "There are no words of consolation, only grief, a great man who is eternally abandoned, we are sharing a lot of things together, and today we are sad to come in to give him the last letter. We are accompanying someone who does not have joy in training," recalled actress Ricardo Canales .

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