Why are the aliens not responding to Earth?


More scientists what are you trying to do? communicate with other planetsThey met this Saturday in Paris, France discuss whydespite numerous attempts, foreigners follow no response to messages from the Earth.


International organization Communicating extraterrestrial intelligence (sending messages to alien intelligence, METI), based in San Francisco, is designed to send messages to other planets. In his words Douglas VakochWe also need to discuss the lack of response, although "we are looking for something that we do not know if it exists".

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"Where are they?" The physicist and Nobel Prize winner Enrico Fermi was invited in 1950 when he and his colleagues talked about extraterrestrial life in the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, USA.

Since then, it was numerous contact attempts, such as Breakthrough Listen, run by physicists at the Royal Society Science Academy in London, or a research institute SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in California.

  • Although the search for extraterrestrial life has not yet yielded results, our knowledge of the universe has completely changed

In 2014 it will astronomers have discovered an exoplanet (or extrasolar planet) Kepler-186f is considered to be the "cousin" of the Earth, located in the "living area" of its star, where the temperature allows the presence of water in the liquid state, which is essential for life.

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  • Since then, discoveries have been collected confirming that Earth is no exception to the galaxy.
  • Another explanation would be that they are foreigners rather Do not say anything fear of destabilization would cause this contact.

Nicolas Prantzos, a French astrophysicist at the CNRS Research Center, gives another hypothesis to explain this silence.

Taking into account the high age of the universe, "it is very possible that thousands of civilizations would have been born and lived for thousands of years, but they themselves".

There is only one thing, according to Florence Raulin-Cerceau. "If we find extraterrestrial life, although it is only bacterial, it will be a great step for science and reflection on the place of life in space."


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