Saturday , July 24 2021

Volkswagen warns of a possible drop in production due to a lack of chips

Volkswagen’s production is affected by the lack of chips. Photo: Reuters

Volkswagen AG warned managers to prepare for a production shock in the second quarter due to global shortages chips, he announced Financial Times (FT) this Saturday.

For the chips, could Volkswagen’s impact be worse than in the first quarter?

No doubt chips play an important role, so he felt Wayne Griffiths, president of the Spanish brand Seat de Volkswagen:

“Suppliers and within the Volkswagen Group are telling us that we have to face significant challenges in the second quarter, probably more difficult than in the first quarter.”

Wayne Griffiths, president of the Spanish brand Volkswagen Seat.

He also added that lack is currently the biggest challenge facing the company. He said production at the Seat factory in Martorell on the outskirts of Barcelona is currently “updated” and the brand is deciding what cars production only upon receipt chips according to the report.

Volkswagen He said he hoped he would offers from chips it remains rare in the coming months, adding that it cannot provide forecasts for the full year.

The company could not produce 100,000 cars for bliss lack, as the CEO said last month Herbert Diess, who added that the group will not be able to make up for this in 2021.

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