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They reported the fall of a small aircraft in Montemorelos, NL


Nuevo León– Social network users reported the fall of a small airplane on the road leading to Rayones, about 20.00 in the evening, and underlined that the aircraft had to crash in an area that suits the municipality of Montemorelos.

State and local authorities have not found ships so they are seeking an intensive search to find out what a large group of people had noticed that the plane was falling and alerted to the possible location of the accident.

Despite the audits, it was not possible to find a ship on land near Biopark Estrellla, and was therefore discarded after its revision.

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Faced with the problems that arose during the search, they said they would use the drone to check the earth and find the plane, which ensured that they had noticed that it had fallen.

Residents of the community, near the places where they testify that the plane crashed, explained that they actually realized that the plane was flying over the city for several hours, but never heard any noise that would alert them to an accident due to a blow. against the earth.

It is stated that the reports come from the visitors of Bio Parque Estrella to civil protection authorities.

Another accident in Querétaro

XBNZI, white, was crashed in the extension parts leading to Ciudad Maderas, Queretaro, in the morning. The plane took place in La Piedad, Michoacán.

According to the authorities, elements of municipal and state civil protection that confirm the accident arrived at the scene of the accident and found that two people were male with minor injuries, so they did not have to be transferred to any medical unit.

The injured were identified as a pilot named Fernando Palos (38) and copper Omar Huerta (50).

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