Sunday , April 18 2021

The Tamaulipas Congress rejects the deal that protected Cabeza de Vaca from outrage

Tamaulipas ’lawmakers have annulled an agreement they wanted to protect Governor Garcío Cabez de Vaca from the illegality he faces in the House of Commons’ investigative department.

Mexico City, March 31 (however) Congress of Tamaulipas annulled agreement who laid down new rules for the proclamation of la source of lawlessness against him Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

The agreement was approved earlier this month, but lawmakers decided to rescind it after the Chamber of Deputies filed a constitutional controversy with the Supreme Court (SCJN) seeking to repeal the measure. .

Deputy Gerardo Peña Flores, coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN) bench, presented a new point of agreement. Earlier, the same party proposed new rules on infringements.

“The local congress leaves without effect the rule for declaring the origin of lawlessness against the executors of the federal entities, the local deputies before the judges of the Supreme Court of the state,” the legislative branch reported this afternoon.

On March 26, the Chamber of Deputies filed a constitutionally controversial lawsuit with the SCJN against the congressional agreement in Tamaulipas.

Federal legislators have argued that the local congress seeks to assume the exclusive powers of federal legislators.

The lawsuit was signed by Dulce Deputy María Sauri Riancho as Chair of the Board and Legal Representative of the Chamber of Deputies.

MEPs argued that the Congress of the State of Tamaulipas to carry out a new procedure for declaring origin would mean the annulment of proceedings against the President in the Congress of the Union.

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