The personality of the leader of the Mane, who almost cost his life


The former wife of Olverina, Mónica Noguera, revealed an episode and asked her to stop the operation and focus on her talent; On the other hand, when Maná won the Grammy for a person of the year, the boundaries did not last long enough to appear Source: LA NACION – Credit: Grosby Group

When Fher Olvera walked on a red carpet – and on the stage –
the latest edition of the Latin Grammy Award, his name could not help mentioning the network.
Reason? His new face, visibly different from what he had a few years ago. Head


The Mexican group that took it
The prestigious Person of the Year award was the subject of speculation about possible operations, and this version was immediately confirmed by his ex-wife Monica Noguera.

In the program
The first deadline, while they showed the boundaries created by the artistic character – with which they compared it
with actor Mickey Rourke and astronomer Walter Mercado – the driver surprised his companions by revealing a fact that did not turn out: Olvera almost died when she had a cosmetic surgery.

Fher Olvera in the background of a Latin gram with a glance that caused mixing in the networks
Fher Olvera in the background of a Latin gram with a glance that caused mixing in the networks Source: File – credit: Instagram Maná

"At the time we were together [de 2013 a 2015] in Los Angeles, there was a very dangerous operation in the face. I will say that it hurts a lot, because this time it was just an operation on shovels and eyes. But he almost died because the wire was cut off. The doctor covered the vein, which should not and did not bleed, "he revealed.

Noguera also commissioned Olvera: focusing on his music instead of the aesthetic appearance. "I am very sad because you do not have to focus on the physical question, because he is a great artist and a great person, and even more if he died, he does not need it," said a woman, visibly concerned.


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