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The bus falls to a 10-meter flight; It's 8 dead

DAVID CASAS / KORESPONDENT 11/19/2013 08:02 am

MONTEMORELOS, Nuevo León (La Silla Rota). – A bus traveling from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, in Poza Rico, Veracruz, fell from bridge with a balance of eight dead and 15 wounded.

The events were recorded on the state highway, on the line Linares-Montemorelos, at a kilometer kilometer in the Community El Coyote.

The Omnibus de México unit has gathered up to leaflet from a height of 10 meters in bridge Earthlings

The first reports show that there were at least 25 passengers on the bus; It is not known what caused the move, although it may be a combination of sideways sliding and a driver's carelessness.

The accident mobilized rescue bodies from citrus fruits and hospital areas of the Red Cross, which injured people in hospitals in nearby municipalities.

Rescuers worked on the release of passengers wounded who were caught on the bus.

Civil defense members Nuevo Leon, civilian elements, civil protection Montemorelos, The Municipal Police and the Red Cross.

The injured persons were transferred to the General Hospital Montemorelos, The IMSS Clinic 11 and the Carlot Hospital in Ljubljana Montemorelos.


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