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STRONG VIDEO shows the time when men kill 5 and injure 8 in the Acapulco bar



In a clip that circulates in social networks, it is possible to see a man who removes the weapon he hides in his trousers, and at least eight times he opens a fire against a group of people who were in the bar; immediately, the aggressor turns and falls out of the city among frightened parties.

Mexico City, July 23 (SinEmbargo) a moment exactly where a shoots against customers from the bar in the area Countess from Acapulco, an attack that left five dead and at least eight injured, was trapped by setting up security cameras and spread across social networks.

The material shows two subjects who wear shirts in bright colors while they go to the building until they reach the table where they were victims.

While one of the men withdraws, the other pulls out the weapon that was hidden in the waist, under the pants, and cuts the cartridge before the mowing look of some present.

The armed commander broke into a nightclub in the coastal area of ​​Miguel Aleman's coast and shot at hosts in the golden zone of the port of Acapulco. Photo: Bernandino Hernández, Cuartoscuro

The armed man then warns people who are at the table and at least eight times open fire against various targets.

When the aggression is over, the attacker turns and leaves the place against the exit from the institution, walks among dozens of clients who run in fear and seek refuge.

In this attack, five people and eight wounded were killed; So far, Guerrero's state authorities have been able to arrest a man who was allegedly involved in these events.

Chief State Prosecutor Jorge Zuriel de los Santos Barrila said that people who were attacked at a bar in La Condesa de Acapulco were members of a criminal group attacked by another group.

At a press conference in Casa Guerrero, he reported that the people who were attacked by Mr. Bar, were members of the organized crime group, "led by El 20, arrested a few months ago" and that they met at the bar and agreed to collect. fees.

At eight in the morning, there was confusion on the steps of access to the Plaza Condesa Square where some of the clients were terrorized and the strollers tried to help one of the wounded in the aggression lying on the accessible stairs. Photo: Bernandino Hernández, Cuartoscuro


Nine men were shot dead, five of them in a bar in La Condesi, in addition to shooting at the Kookaburra gourmet restaurant, were violent acts on Saturday and Sunday.

In the morning of last week, five men and eight people were wounded, including a woman, at a bar, located in La Condesi, during the holidays.

The crime was reported at 6:50 am in the tourist area outside the Fiesta Americana. The police version is that armed men have entered the g. It was directly attacked by 13 young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who sat in the armchair.

In the tables and armchairs, the ministerial police found four murdered and folded young men, while the fifth young man died in a Red Cross rescue vehicle. Later it was stated that the latter is a bar-waiter.

The preliminary balance was five killed and seven wounded. Photo: Bernandino Hernández, Cuartoscuro

The witnesses said eight wounded men, including a woman who was helped by the Red Cross Red Cross. One of them left his assets.

One of the wounded friends was arrested by the municipal police, maneuvering the transfer to the ambulance because he had a gun.

Five bodies were sent to Semefo objects.

During the process, experts installed several deep-seated caps of 0.9 mm caliber, cocaine and beer bags.

"What kind of barbarism, how many dead!", "Not for violence in Acapulco", "In a full-fledged holiday", were the expressions of some of the people who were there.

The bar is located in the Condesa market and is close to other business activities, restaurants, restaurants, swim shops, two other stores, hotels and gym.

The area was fenced around 8.30 am The expert and federal ministerial police arrived at the scene. Photo: Bernandino Hernández, Cuartoscuro

The State Attorney's Office reported that it was investigating the events that took place in a bar called Mr. Bar, where five men and eight others killed "unknown people" and launched an investigative folder for the crime of murder and injury to someone, or who is responsible.

The prosecution in the statement explains that security corporations carried out a joint operation, which resulted in the arrest of a person related to the crime.

According to the state prosecutor's report, men and wounded men in Acapulco were killed; Instead of the facts, the experts carried out the appropriate procedures, finding locally 21 percussion stoppers of 9 millimeters and a caliber 45.

In the meantime, the city council reported in a press release that a man was arrested as allegedly responsible for the bullet attack at a bar in La Condesi, where five people died.

The police report states that the agents in the area were involved in the crime prevention work carried out by the Ministry of Public Security.

Elements of the national guard who installed seals in Acapulco. Photo: Bernandino Hernández, Cuartoscuro

At 7:45 this morning, the municipal police announced that they were turning off an attack with weapons and arrested a man named Uriel, who seized a short gun with a magazine and a vehicle.

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