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"Stranger Things 4" will arrive earlier than expected


S "Stranger Things 3" Breaking Netflix records and with this unexpected end with the inclusion of the scene after approval, the fourth installment was announced as inevitable. However, it seems that it will come sooner than expected, perhaps in the last quarter of 2020.

According to data published by the streaming service, in just four days, 43 million viewers enjoyed the new adventures of One Times, Mike, Dustin, Hopper and the company.

The third season, which blended new world-class monsters with a head-up with the Russians as protagonists, again impressed the fans, and Netflix decided to speed up the next episodes.

According to the portal Week of production, Netflix is ​​preparing to launch the production "Strangers Things 4" next October. If the fourth season it follows the same production planning as the previous one, which means it can be ready October 2020

Given that the seasons, which are usually prime ministers, coincide with the holidays in which they are taking place, coincided with the summer in the last season, and on July 4, the next episodes could come to Christmas 2020.

Given that once and Mike and the other characters have said goodbye to the promise that they will be seen on Christmas, the timeframe will fully match.

At the moment, Netflix has not officially confirmed anything, but if everything goes smoothly, the fourth season "Stranger Things" will be released at Christmas in 2020. Also, there is not much lack.


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