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Step by step, the astronomer explained: how to get spectacular photos of the Moon with a mobile phone

The remarkable fact that you can capture the best shining images Luna from a mobile phone, encourages everyone to think because it is hard to believe; but it is possible, and a a lover of astrophotography He succeeded and shared a few steps so anyone could do it.

The astronomer Antonio Moreno, a lover of science and photography, presented a series of recommendations via his Twitter account that he can use his mobile phone to capture the magnificent satellite of the Earth.

Researcher with studies in Ljubljana MadridHe also uploaded a picture accompanied by the phrase: “Do you want to take such a photo with your mobile phone? I will tell you the details in this topic and how to reach them. “

The good news is, moreover, you don’t need to have the latest generation of a mobile phone to match the best moments of a beautiful satellite.

A telescope is needed.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
A telescope is needed. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

How to get a picture of the moon?

* The first step is to find a telescope, as this optical instrument must be able to observe in detail.

* According to the scientist, the image then came from the eyepiece telescope via mobile phone. To do this, you will need to purchase an adapter that fits perfectly between the two items.

The astronomer asks him to adjust his cell phone.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
The astronomer asks him to adjust his cell phone. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

* Once the phone is adjusted with the telescope, it is possible to start with tests at different angles and with different magnifications. Chief We recommend looking for cameras with very small dots for planetary photography.

* For the first photos, you can use the automatic mode for good focusing via the screen of a mobile phone, which will act as a monitor.

Antonio ensured that for planetary photography, one had to look for cameras with very small dots.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
Antonio ensured that for planetary photography, one had to look for cameras with very small dots. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

For those who want the video, Antonio Moreno explained that the footage can also be accessed with a motorized telescope.

The video will need to be recorded later on free program this can be found via the internet called “PIPP” which will be in charge of standardizing the formats and enabling some initial customizations.

Then the video images will be transferred to a stacking program such as “Registax” or “Astrosurface”.

You can also record a video.  (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)
You can also record a video. (Photo: @ANTONIO_MORENO)

On the other hand, a few days ago, a slightly unusual astronomical event called the “Red Moon” was visualized, the first full moon to appear after the vernal equinox, and it also marks the beginning of Easter Christianity.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) explained that this year the “moon worm” cannot be considered a “supermoon” as it is not close enough to Earth, even though it is the fourth brightest in the world. Anus.

And whether the supermoon is a full Moon near the perigee, the closest point to Earth in its lunar orbit. ”That is, when our planet and its satellite are closer together, and in addition, in full phase it coincides with the Moon.

This phenomenon is also called the “March full moon”. While the nickname of the worm appears because it is the time when the ground thaws and these animals appear. It is also interesting that the American Indians named it Raven Moon because it coincided with the moment when these birds say goodbye to winter and greet the warmth with their squawks.


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