Sony is launching a sound line for El Buen Fin 2018


Get to know the products and offerings of the audio brand and accessories

It will soon launch Good End in Mexico, and Sony has released some of its products and promotions, which will be available in particular on the audio and accessories web

To combine entertainment, a mini-component audio system is proposed V71, for a house or apartment and for larger rooms, V90, ideal for terraces or large rooms. To add more entertainment, the audio system V81 This is an excellent choice for 360 ° sound and lighting in order to continue to promote an inn or New Year's party. In addition, this equipment has a Taiko mode that allows interaction with the sound board drums

All these teams have a gesture control that avoids the use of buttons and allows you to manage your movements. Along with the light system and the connection to NFC and Bluetooth.

Music to go

To enjoy music through headphones, Sony has a wide range of models that fit every person's lifestyle.

There are models for athletes WI-SP600N Y WF-SP700, sports headsets that allow you to move without limitation of cables, simply use it to stop your routine and noise abatement technology in order to avoid disturbances. But if it's your thing to swim, the best option is the Walkman player NW-WS625 which is perfect for swimming in the pool or the open sea, it is waterproof. In addition, it can serve as a headset for any other activity by connecting them to your smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth.

If you like traveling and enjoying music without interruption, Sony has a new model of hearing aids, WH-CH700N Equipped with noise canceling technology and a long lasting battery with up to 35 hours of continuous music.

With music everywhere

If you want to equip your car and build the best roadtrip winter with a DVD player XAV-AX200 with an integrated 6.4-inch screen so that passengers can play music and movies while traveling, and in addition provide a hands-free connection to the smartphone driver for greater comfort and security.

If you find an excellent sound during a trip, a CD player MEX-GS820BT which has clear and powerful sound, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity is the ability to enjoy music as you like.

When the destination is set, why not enjoy music through the loudspeaker, as this Sony equipment has this equipment XB21 in XB31 Thanks to their size it is easy to carry to any side. Resistant to water and dust, horns are a perfect companion for holidays and have fun on all sides.

So you will not run out of energy on half of the purchases made by Sony power bank CP-V10B which allows smartphones up to 3 recharges.

Sony also has a wide range of long life span of smart phone cables for Iphone or USB Type C inputs that improve data transmission and transmission of power. With the latest models like CP-ABLP150HCWW in CP-AL100 / WC WW for iPhone and CP-AC100 / WC WW in CP-AD3 / WC ULA with input type C.

To save the best photos and videos, Sony has introduced new memories Series SD G TOUGH UHS-II designed to keep your content protected in any environment that combines the fastest reading speed in the world with extremely fast typing speeds and an extremely resilient wrinkle design, drops of up to 5 meters, water and dust.

Take advantage of this Good End 2018 season to obtain these and other audio and video products from Sony, authorized distributors and Sony Store to know the discounts and promotions that will begin.


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